Basketball 2009


The Afghan Sports Federation's Afghan Basketball League season that started on November 17th, 2009 with 8 teams participating for 7 weeks of regular game ended on November 17th with the playoff games at Hoop Magic. Four teams, VA Dream, Old School, Tha City and Afg Stallions made it to the semifinals with VA Dream beating Old School in the first game and Tha City beating Afg Stallions in the second game.

The championship game, one of the more exciting games in the history of ASF/ABL featured VA Dream vs Tha City. Not only the game itself was exciting but the presence of the Afganistan National Women's team, with the President of the Afghanistan National Basketball Association's President Mr. Saboor Azizi, the Afghanistan National Olympic Committee’s Vice- President, the Afghanistan National Basketball Association's General Secretary and Afghanistan's National Olympic Committees' Women's Department Director who attended the Championship game added to the hype.

Officials of the Afghan delegation were asked to supervise the selection of the MVP of the game as well. The Championship game went to triple overtime with Tha City team coming back in the regular time while VA Dream forced both the overtimes with last minute shots. The final result was also decided by a final heroic shot by a VA Dream players that gave them the title.

Players of the Women's National team enthusiasticaly cheered the players on the field and they seem to enjoy the games while seated with the fans and interacting with their fellow Afghans.

At the end of the games, trophies medals were givin to both teams members at the request of ASF officials by the Afghan delegation.

ASF officials on behalf of the organization and its members presented the Afghanistan National Women Basketball team members as well as the officials with gifts and warm-up suits as token of their appreciation for their attendance.

Members of the Afghan delelgation were given opportunities to speak to the players as well as the fans. They gave a report of their trip to the United States and thanked ASF for their support over the years for the National basketball programm. The Afghan delegation also presented ASF official with gifts.

Most important was the enthusiasm and active involvement of the womens' National players in the cheering and encouraging of both teams that played in the Championship game. ASF players were delightfully appreciative of the attention that their guest paid to them and were greatfull for the Afghan delegations presence at the finales.